Open eye universe thanks Donald Passman, David Bowie, programmers and the public for their success

Open eye universe

Open eye universe, the band,  formed in the online gallery of David Bowie by MP3 swapping and creating original songs may be one of the most unusual collaborations of musical artists in history. The experience for the Artists has been simply fun fun fun but there was a business world waiting to see if the music created could withstand certain measures on its own.

The group has relied upon sound advice from the guru of the music Industry Mr. Donald Passman. Mr.Passman is a very well known Entertainment lawyer who has written eight books on the music business explaining the importance of publishing, the black box and so many other important aspects of the music Industry that can only be understood by computing the incredible knowledge Mr. Passman imparts in his writings.The band was able to release the music properly and gain proper support from following the right paths laid out by Donald Passman.

Open Eye Universe collectively agreed doing something with the most unusual music created and creating a sense of purpose for the creations came with the Grass Roots artists, some affiliated with Presient Obama’s Grass roots artists and some just kind loving people who care about public safety globally. The group agreed safe communities is a good cause and that’s how most everything for this world class band developed. We didn’t do anything without first checking with how the guru would do it reports vocalist front man John David Hart from his Toronto studio.

It takes a team of like minded individuals to make any great success. open Eye Universe thanks the public, programmers, friends ,but mostly Donald Psssman teaching us All We Need to Know About The Music Business.


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