Open eye Universe helping others

It’s not like helping others via application of the Arts is new but the ever changing players of Open Eye Universe is the key to helping others. The group supports good community causes anywhere. Business resources for the projects are generated by the enthusiasm for the project. The band has been assisting with causes in Canada and the USA and is affiliated with President Obama’s Organizing for action. OFA USA .

The groups first supported release being , Easy Chair for the World with lead cut We All Know. Published with NY supporting safe communities and an end to Gun Violence. Song composers Socan, John David Hart and Socan ,Andy Ryan .

Ryan and Hart collaborated song writing whilst Mr. Ryan owned, operated and produced music at The Playroom recording studio Scarborough Ontario. The concept of helping others by applying music came from a mutual friend of Hart’s and Ryan , Jeff Healey , who suggested there must be ways to engage people in the process and uplift community spirits with togetherness. The group joined bands of other Artists to accomplish many efforts, still ongoing. Not unlike politicians, one has to keep their ears and eyes on the pulse of the community, nation and World and create projects that help others through application of the Arts.


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