Open eye universe supports an end to gun violence

The band open eye universe has released four songs from the easy chair for the world album to broadcast radio now airing in over fifteen countries globally.

The group was formed by MP3 swapping in the online gallery of David Bowie with Buddhaboy and friends. The concept of the band and their collaborative efforts was the brainchild of Jeff Healey who passed the idea along to Socan song writers John David Hart and Andy Ryan.

The project is an official OFA Organizing for Action event as part of President Obama’s end to gun violence campaign promoting safe communities . Publishing will be applied to further promotion of community safety by OFA organizers.

Broadcasters can support the efforts by airing the music and putting it in to rotation. At yangaroo dmds feeds.

The music can be heard at or in tracks at

The titles we all know, reach out, wings of forever,easy chair for the world are the elected tracks.

Numerous well known musicians will be joining open eye universe during 2016 for live performances to support the project events of the OFA.

OFA organizer John David Hart can be reached for comment or to join the group or book by calling 416-466-0912 or assistant Victoria at 437-999-6018


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